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FLORENCE - Frankincense + Wild Citrus + Sunlight Candle

FLORENCE - Frankincense + Wild Citrus + Sunlight Candle

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Frankincense + Wild Citrus + Sunlight
Bougie Perfume - Perfumed Candle

375g / Burns for over 60 hours


Where spirits of golden walk, across the sunlit cobble stones.
Italian oranges waft over. Stand in silence and inhale. Under the Tuscan sun.


The woodsy spice of Frankincense promotes peace, relaxation, grounding & connectedness. The liveliness of citrus notes uplift and awaken.

Only natural ingredients are used in the formation of this scent, so users are left with a pure, natural, relaxing fragrance when the candle burns.

Our candle glass is a sculptural object designed to be timeless and used for long after the candle has burnt down. See beauty in imperfection ~ Our candles are mouth blown & hand poured so there will be slight variations. We use a natural botanical wax and a lead-free unbleached cotton wick.


Photography by
Phoebe Louise Holden

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